Cellular Tower Diagnostics

The hundreds of thousands of cellular towers that dot America’s landscape are meant to be inconspicuous. In many cases, they are designed to camouflage into the surrounding environment. But don’t be lulled into thinking that these towers are maintenance-free. On … Continue reading

Carving Out a New Alternative with Pumpkin SeedMilk

The growing market of plant-based milk alternatives is bursting with a multitude of options such as coconut, almonds, soy, oats and nuts. The new seed in town is Pumpkin SeedMilk, which is made by Patch Organics. Plant-based milks comprise 14% … Continue reading

Animal-Free Dairy Protein

Perfect Day is a company that specializes in creating animal-free dairy products with a proprietary fermentation process. Starting with a microorganism called microflora, Perfect Day replicates whey and casein with a fermentation process that breaks down plant sugars. The resulting … Continue reading

A Robotic Vacuum Designed for Hotels

As a freshman at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Management, Micah Green was required to spend a day as a room attendant to pass a course called “Introduction to Hotel Operations.” Mr. Green recalls his shift cleaning fourteen hotel rooms … Continue reading

Ghost Pacer Provides Runners with a Holographic Workout Partner

Ghost Pacer produces a set of mixed-reality glasses designed specifically for runners. These glasses allow the user to set the path and speed of a holographic avatar and then race against it in real time. This company has created the … Continue reading

Plant-Based Meals Delivered to Subscribers’ Doorsteps

In his native Costa Rica Mark Fachler was raised on clean eating with a diet abundant in fruits and vegetables. Attending university in the U.S., Mr. Fachler’s Pura Vida (“healthy life” in the vernacular of Costa Rica) was jeopardized by … Continue reading

Healthy Data Nourishes Strong Business

Data to a business is like nutrition to a human: a vital ingredient for health. The quality of the data ultimately determines how much an organization can thrive. Unfortunately, many of today’s enterprises are subsisting on junk food and empty … Continue reading

Handpicked and Syrupy Dates

Fossils suggest that dates (the kind you eat) have existed for 50 million years. Joolies California Superfruit is committed to expanding the U.S. popularity of this internationally treasured fruit. To grow, dates require hot weather, arid climate, sandy soil, ever … Continue reading