Fussy Deodorant Champions Refillable Approach to Reduce Single-Use Plastics

Fussy is a UK-based startup that creates refillable, eco-friendly deodorant. Fussy customers order only deodorant “refills” instead of the plastic packaging that comes with most deodorant products, thereby reducing the impact on the environment with each purchase. Fussy has created … Continue reading

Colorful Countertops from Recycled Glass

New York City-based IceStone produces countertops from a mix of recycled glass and cement. These countertops—which reflect the diversion of 17 million pounds of glass from landfills—contain no resins, glues, petrochemicals, plastics or chemical binders. IceStone’s countertops are available in … Continue reading

Wellow Brings Functional, Eco-Friendly Deodorant to the Mainstream

Wellow is a startup that has created an eco-friendly, plastic-free, and completely biodegradable deodorant. When customers finish their deodorant, they can place it into their compost bins and watch it completely dissolve within months. Founders Dan Hernden and Martin Ochwat … Continue reading

EV West’s Conversion Kits Give Classic Cars an Electric Twist

While electric cars have become truly mainstream, companies like EV West are choosing to go their own route. It’s true that cars like the Tesla Model 3 and the Nissan Leaf are more popular than ever, but some auto enthusiasts … Continue reading

Cellular Tower Diagnostics

The hundreds of thousands of cellular towers that dot America’s landscape are meant to be inconspicuous. In many cases, they are designed to camouflage into the surrounding environment. But don’t be lulled into thinking that these towers are maintenance-free. On … Continue reading

Carving Out a New Alternative with Pumpkin SeedMilk

The growing market of plant-based milk alternatives is bursting with a multitude of options such as coconut, almonds, soy, oats and nuts. The new seed in town is Pumpkin SeedMilk, which is made by Patch Organics. Plant-based milks comprise 14% … Continue reading

Animal-Free Dairy Protein

Perfect Day is a company that specializes in creating animal-free dairy products with a proprietary fermentation process. Starting with a microorganism called microflora, Perfect Day replicates whey and casein with a fermentation process that breaks down plant sugars. The resulting … Continue reading

A Robotic Vacuum Designed for Hotels

As a freshman at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Management, Micah Green was required to spend a day as a room attendant to pass a course called “Introduction to Hotel Operations.” Mr. Green recalls his shift cleaning fourteen hotel rooms … Continue reading