Advanced Control Systems

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Quanser is a world leader in the innovation and development of advanced control systems for industry, education and research. Quanser is one of the few companies with an expertise in haptics, which entails the adding of sensory elements to robots and machines that allow the user to touch, feel and respond to realistic sensations. The following are among the projects that Quanser has added significant value to:

* LongPen Freehand Script Robot which allows users to submit their signatures and have them remotely written by the system.

• The Autonomous Upper-Limb Stroke Rehabilitation Device, or rehab robot. One common exercise that patients recovering from stroke undergo consists of the patient pushing a stool to and fro, side to side, while the therapist applies varying levels of force, making it increasingly difficult for the patient to move the stool. The rehab robot will allow patients to conduct the same exercise in the comfort of their own homes by pushing on the robotic arm, feeling resistance, and watching the results on a video monitor.

* Quanser developed a fault tolerance and recovery processes that enables unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators to reconfigurable and redeploy during flight quickly, reliably and safely.

* Quanser developed the technology that repositions lasers used in eye surgery for rapid and extremely accurate movement. This was a difficult feat as the laser beam, which moves via a mirrored reflection, must move, settle and fire very rapidly before moving into a new position and repeating this process. Obviously, in laser eye surgery, accuracy is of paramount importance.

Advanced Control Systems, 2.8 out of 5 based on 34 ratings

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