Advanced Mobile Applications for Simple Phones

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VascoDe has the technology to turn simple phones into smart phones.

Hundreds of millions of people in the developing world will continue using simple phones for the foreseeable future. Even in the United States, optimistic forecasts project that only 50% of American mobile phone users will be using smart phones in 2015. However, many of the simple phone users in the developing world would like to avail themselves of advanced mobile applications such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, visual voice mail, Wikipedia, and mobile Skype. There should be wide affordability of these services as they can be delivered for as little as $1 per month.

Since these advanced mobile apps are installed directly on phone operators’ networks, they do not need to be installed on each mobile phone. This relieves operators of the necessity of helping customers set up the apps, resolving customers’ security issues or providing them with ongoing customer support related to software on users’ mobile devices.

VascoDe is not expected to spend significant sums of money on advertising directly to customers since its business plan calls for consummating agreements with major phone operators. The operators will market VascoDe’s technology to their customers. Revenues received from customers will be shared between the operator and VascoDe.

Advanced Mobile Applications for Simple Phones, 2.9 out of 5 based on 37 ratings

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