Innovative Clothing Hangers

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Innovation can be found even in businesses as staid as clothing hangers. The Entire-Outfit Garment Hanger organizes and holds an entire change of clothes on a single hanger. The hanger accommodates a complete three-piece suit, a cocktail dress, or the most delicate sweater while not sagging, twisting or breaking. Some of the most immediate markets for these hangers are likely to include the closet organization segment, gym members, employees required to wear uniforms, and frequent travelers.

Impressive engineering over the span of four years went into designing the Entire-Outfit Garment Hanger. For instance, the designer utilized aviation engineering principles to identify stress points so they could be reinforced with “I-Beams”. This allows several garments to be hung on one hanger without breaking. The aluminum version of this hanger will hold 30 pounds and the plastic version will hold 15 pounds.

The patent that reads on this hanger has 54 independent claims. Among the innovations embedded in the hanger are an upper bridge which is suitable for scarves, ties and belts; dual handy-hooks on each side are capable of hanging spaghetti straps, slips and muscle shirts; and, a shoulder saver which spreads the weight so clothes are not pulled out of shape.

Innovative Clothing Hangers, 3.6 out of 5 based on 40 ratings

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