Dissolvable Fruit Labels

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If you’ve ever wished those pesky stickers on apples would simply vanish before you eat them, Amron Experimental Fruitwash Label has the solution for you. Based in New York, Fruitwash Label was created by Scott Amron, an electrical engineer, conceptual artist, designer, and founder of Amron Experimental. Amron has revolutionized the way one sees those sticky nuisances on fruit.

The Fruitwash Label is a multifaceted tool which bears the typical features of a product label, such as the company logo, price look-up code and barcode for rapid inventory and checkout purposes. In addition, the Fruitwash stickers—when put under the water faucet and rubbed—turn into organic fruit soap that removes pesticides, fungicides and that annoying water-resistant wax.

This means that consumers no longer have to purchase fruit wash as it is reported that such liquid is tucked behind the label. This innovative label is dissolvable but still water-resistant, meaning that water dripping onto your Fruitwash labeled fruit in the refrigerator will not result in soap floating onto other nearby food.

The days of peeling and worrying about the adhesive the label leaves behind will soon be gone (although you can peel off the Fruitwash Label like any other sticker). With the advent of the Fruitwash Label, that seemingly random piece of sticky paper now has definite and useful function. Although the stickers are small, imagine the environmental impact of eliminating all that paper waste when the label simply dissolves away.

Dissolvable Fruit Labels, 4.7 out of 5 based on 43 ratings
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