Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Taking the World by Storm

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Snohomish, Washington-based Tilting Motor Works has invented TRiO, an accessory that turns two-wheeled motorcycles into three-wheeled motorcycles. Through its dealer network, owners of stock motorcycles can have their front fork and front wheel replaced with TRiO, a two-wheeled tilting front end.

TRiO’s safety profile and relative ease of handling (TRiO only weighs about 120 lbs.) should appeal to older motorcycle enthusiasts. This is especially true in light of Tilting Motors’ tilt-lock feature, which locks bikes upright when the rider comes to a complete stop. Bikes with this proprietary feature relieve their riders of having to balance themselves by putting their feet on the ground.

Riding a motorcycle with two front wheels is not only highly enjoyable but is safer than riding a conventional motorcycle. TRiO riders are less likely to sustain injuries because a triangle of metal surrounds them. Braking capacity is improved since TRiOs have twice the rubber on the road, as per their front wheels, compared to standard motorcycles. TRiO’s cornering capacity is enhanced as there is less risk of the front wheel sliding out when making sharp turns.

Tilting Motor Works has generated a significant amount of revenue for a company that has only been selling its products for a few years. No wonder. TRiO is compatible with at least some of the motorcycles produced by Harley-Davidson, Honda and Indian. And it costs roughly $15,000 to $16,000 to refit a stock bike with TRiO. According to my discussions with management, the Company has already put in place an extensive dealer network—24 sites in the United States and at least one dealer in each of France, Turkey, China, Canada, New Zealand and Peru.

It should be difficult to knock-off TRiO: That invention is protected by multiple issued patents that cover critical elements of its geometry and how its suspension operates independently of the lean angle.

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