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Imagine you are the marketing director for Taco Bell. You want to steer your customers to your stores in real-time. The problem is that at any given lunch-time, thousands of your best customers approach Chipotle stores.

Atlanta, Georgia-based BoardActive can help. BoardActive has developed an intuitive platform for marketing professionals to engage with selected customers at specific locations in real-time. In our story, the Taco Bell marketing manager could review those of its customers who have downloaded the Taco Bell app. Perhaps those of its app users who have not frequented Taco Bell in at least a month would be targeted for a lunch-time campaign.

The marketing manager could then set up few geofences and send different messages to the targeted customers when they enter each geofenced area. The first message could be sent when targeted customers are within five miles of both a Taco Bell and Chipotle. That message might offer a promotion on a burrito at Taco Bell. The second message—perhaps offering a discount on beverages for the next 30 minutes—could be triggered when selected customers are within a half of a mile of either restaurant.

The beauty of BoardActive’s patented technology is that its customers can quickly track the success of their engagement campaigns. Taco Bell will immediately know how many of those who have received its promotions entered its designated eateries within specified periods of time. Successful campaigns can be expanded and campaigns that missed their mark can be quickly reworked. Customers can easily change their ads’ subject lines and messages as well as use a host of media tools (such as images, videos, QR codes, links, maps and push-to-call features) to capture the attention of their app users.

The BoardActive platform enables marketers to easily modulate their interaction with their customers. For instance, attention can be paid to app users who may be slipping away—as evidenced by their not having opened the app in a certain number of days. On the other hand, there are settings to ensure that marketers sparse out their outreach to app users only once every several days.

IncreMental Advantage estimates that BoardActive has an addressable market in the billions of dollars, even taking into account the impact of COVID-19.

To gain access to questions that investors may wish to consider before investing in companies such as BoardActive, please purchase below for $9.95 or contact Neomi Barazani at neomi@bdacademy.com.


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