Remote Medical Diagnostics for Animal Health

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Outside of Animal Farm, animals cannot tell their owners how they’re feeling.

Virginia-based One Health Group seeks to remedy this communications breakdown with Voyce, its health sensor and software that is designed to capture key medical diagnostics with devices such as stethoscopes, eliminating the need to make direct contact with the animal. OHG’s Voyce is an ultra-wide band radar sensor platform that performs real-time monitoring and screening of heart rate, heart function, blood pressure, pulmonary irregularities, tumor detection, prenatal cardiopulmonary monitoring, and sleep apnea.

How does Voyce work? “Radio waves are transmitted into the body; some of these waves are absorbed, some are scattered and some are reflected,” stated company President and Co-founder Albert Di Rienzo. “These radio waves have a unique signature for every structure in the body, such as organs, fat, bone, and muscle allowing us to capture and interpret anatomical, functional and physiological data.”

The Voyce ensemble is a comprehensive solution; it gives the animal a “voice” and includes the health monitoring platform, mobile app, and cloud-based dashboard and analytics. (With Voyce, one does not have to be Sherlock Holmes to divine the significance of the dogs that do not bark.)

The Voyce sensor is a 1.2-ounce device that attaches to collars, harnesses, patches, and can be affixed to common veterinary instruments such as stethoscopes. The no-contact technology translates to non-invasive laboratory experiments, and use of radar means no radiation. Consequently, there is no harm nor risk to animal life.

OHG’s track to market and hence revenue is decidedly quicker than would be the case for medical devices directed to humans; fewer regulatory challenges exist with animals. Further, the findings may be applied directly to human solutions when that phase is launched. The animal applications provide a roadmap to making tools available for diagnosing humans.

A Fortune 50 company selected OHG as its technology partner for a DHS Proof of Concept project, which could ultimately result in monitoring approximately 500 equine subjects and 1,500 canines. One Health Group expects to receive $1,500 per year per sensor. In addition to DHS border patrol and TSA handlers, Dr. Di Rienzo envisions farm animal management and clinical research organizations as early Voyce adapters.

With a half-a-million dollars raised in less than a month, Dr. Di Rienzo is confident that the remaining investor capital will be raised in the short term to complete the initial manufacturing run of 1,000 units. The Company has been issued 59 patents, 12 licensed pre-revenue patents with 42 utility and design patents pending.

David Liepman
June 22, 2020

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