Wind Turbines: Good Things Come in Small Packages

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The beauty and spectacle of the classic windmill has returned in the form of a breakthrough wind turbine.

Compared with its ubiquitous cousin solar energy, small wind has only marginally created a breeze in the power industry. The massive lift turbines located in remote locales are noisy behemoths requiring 500 meters of space from civilization. Stunted by bulky size, inconvenient site requirements, environmental pitfalls, and lack of efficiency, small urban and suburban wind turbines have struggled to create significant commercial storms.

Until now. The wind turbines designed by Flower Turbines, on the other hand, range from one to six meters in height. Residential and commercial rooftops and parking lots are choice locations. These colorful and custom-designed turbines are easy for our feathered friends to see, eliminating the threat of birds and bats being butchered by the blades. Curious birds maintain their distance as they view the small turbines’ shape as solid objects.

And, perhaps most importantly, is the drastic improvement in efficiency. While most wind turbines degrade the performance of their neighboring turbines by 20-50%, the reverse is true with Flower Turbines. Rather than interfering with one another, each turbine increases the velocity, hence production, of adjacent turbines, creating a positive cluster effect. Whereas most turbines start with a wind measured at three meters/second, the Flower Turbines start to generate energy at 1.2 meters/second. And wind hits the vertical axis turbine with a notable absence of noise.

Colorful turbines produced by Flower Turbines

Flower Turbines, a U.S.-based company with a Dutch subsidiary, got its start 12 years ago in Israel, home to much of the Company’s innovation and engineering functions. Company CEO and founder Daniel Farb completed a $1.07 million raise last December and is now in the middle of another capital raise. The Rotterdam subsidiary is currently manufacturing and briskly selling charging poles for e-bikes and scooters. Dr. Farb has been approached by solar companies wishing to partner with Flower Turbines. “They see us as complementary to what they do,” he stated.

The Company harbors ambitions to use its flower-shaped turbines as platforms for artwork in addition to generators of electricity. The “tulips” may be creatively adorned and painted, enhancing the beauty of any gallery or park as they move in their unique and elegant way. Just a few years after its founding, the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem awarded the Company’s Wind Tulip as “One of the top 45 greatest Israeli inventions of all time.”

David Liepman
June 24, 2020

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