Good Clean Love Restores Women’s Healthy Natural Ecosystem

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An entrepreneur takes on tremendous financial and personal risks to achieve her dreams, driven by everything from the desire to succeed, financial wealth, and ego.

But what happens when that dream is to save her marriage and sex life?

CEO of Good Clean Love, Wendy Strgar

After birthing and nursing four infants, Founder & CEO of Good Clean Love, Wendy Strgar found herself increasingly vaginally dry and combatting issues like vaginal prolapse — the latter of which eclipsed the pain of giving birth.

Strgar was married for 17 years upon the arrival of her fourth child, and she understood the importance of a healthy sex life for emotional well-being. Multiple studies propose that sexual dysfunction contributes to divorce rates, and Wendy was adamant her children would grow up in a two-parent household — something she never enjoyed following her parent’s “horrible divorce in the 1970s.”

“These experiences in my reproductive years inspired me to develop real solutions for women’s health problems through founding Good Clean Love,” Strgar said. “Because of that, my personal life, work, and company’s mission are dedicated to making love sustainable and lasting.”

Strgar began what would eventually become a top-selling product from her Eugene, OR-based kitchen in 2003. Her products act like a woman’s healthy ecosystem to promote a better sex life and hygiene via organic, non-animal-tested ingredients.

Good Clean Love offers an impressive array of products. Personal lubricants mimic women’s natural lubrication, the vaginal care line alleviates dryness, discomfort, and maintains pH balance, and water-based personal lubricants provide a natural glide.

Named the safest lubricants on the market in a 2008 National Institutes of Health study, she also ensures manufacturing, research, and development processes are safe for the planet and fuzzy creators alike.

Kindness to Mother Nature and Animals

Strgar and company are “committed to taking action for climate change. In 2018, we conserved one thousand metric tons of carbon through our carbon neutral program. Currently, we have calculated and offset all carbon emissions that occur during the sourcing, shipping, and manufacturing process of our best-selling organic lubricant.”

The company’s CEO is equally passionate about the disuse of testing products on animals.

“For decades, the sexual health and feminine hygiene companies dominating product shelves have sold petrochemical-based products we now know contribute to the incidence of many vaginal infections and discomfort, including Bacterial Vaginosis,” Strgar said. “In fact, the FDA testing protocols require a battery of animal tests that provide ‘false positive’ safety data on how products impact vaginas. This has allowed other companies to flood the market with products that are not safe for human vaginas.”

The solution?

Strgar partnered with PETA, took on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and triumphed in having the FDA accept new forms of human tissue model verifications to replace much of their required animal testing.

Love on the Horizon

Strgar said the company “has a patent for Bio-Match technology for vaginal health gels, and we are currently working to extend our existing patent for multiple other uses and product categories.”

Fundraising plans are on the horizon from late 2020 to early 2021, and Strgar said, “Right now, we’re working on an exciting brand refresh [and] looking forward to launching several new products that will address recurrent issues for women’s vaginal health.”

Andy Coffaro

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