Animal-Free Dairy Protein

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Perfect Day is a company that specializes in creating animal-free dairy products with a proprietary fermentation process. Starting with a microorganism called microflora, Perfect Day replicates whey and casein with a fermentation process that breaks down plant sugars. The resulting dairy protein is essentially identical to what you might find in milk or yogurt, but without any animals involved in the production process. These dairy proteins offer great taste and texture without any trace of antibiotics or hormones.

When speaking to Disruptive Nation during a recent interview, representatives of Perfect Day explained that its fermentation practices results in a more sustainable production process while maintaining the nutritional value of dairy products. Perfect Day’s flora-made dairy protein can be used to make ice cream, yogurt, milk, and a range of other products that could be especially attractive to vegans and those with lactose intolerances. For instance, Perfect Day partnered with The Urgent Company and Smitten to bring customers animal-free, lactose-free, glucose-free vegan ice cream.

Nicki Briggs, VP of Corporate Communications for Perfect Day, told Disruptive Nation: “We do think more consumers are reaching for foods that are better for the planet and are more cognizant of how foods are made and the inputs that go into them.”

In 2019, Perfect Day released its first ice cream products and completely sold out within hours. It is clear that demand for animal-free food products is growing, and so is the potential for companies who are working to meet that demand with new, innovative food products. Oatly AB, a Swedish company that sells oat milk, recently sold a $200 million stake in that company to institutional investors as well as celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey.

Perfect Day explained to Disruptive Nation that its flora-made dairy protein is only possible with advanced biotechnology. The process involves copying a genetic blueprint directly from milk protein, which is then added to microflora, causing it to create identical proteins without any animal products ever being used.

The company also informed Disruptive Nation that it has been working on this process for the past five years, giving the firm a significant headstart over its competitors. In order to consolidate its position in this developing industry, Perfect Day has obtained both process and composition-of-matter patents. The company is continuously fine-tuning its manufacturing processes and obtaining new patents that are based broadly around forming food products with non-animal proteins. Further, Perfect Day should be considered as a platform play as its technology allows food makers to create entirely new products or build on existing ones.

Going forward, Perfect Day will continue to develop new food products with the goal of establishing an extensive line of flora-made dairy items under its banner. The company’s management team is dedicated to building a profitable business capable of delivering strong investor returns.

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