Fussy Deodorant Champions Refillable Approach to Reduce Single-Use Plastics

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Fussy is a UK-based startup that creates refillable, eco-friendly deodorant. Fussy customers order only deodorant “refills” instead of the plastic packaging that comes with most deodorant products, thereby reducing the impact on the environment with each purchase.

Fussy has created an entirely plant-based casing made from corn bioplastic. When customers run out of deodorant, they keep this packaging and refill it. Unlike mainstream deodorant brands, Fussy heavily reduces the prevalence of single-use plastics.

Co-founder and Head of Product Matt Kennedy states that he saw a market opportunity when he realized that no UK-based companies were currently making refillable deodorant. Not only that, but the US-based companies that were making refillable deodorant were still using plastic in the refillable portion of their products – essentially defeating the purpose.

While the production of Fussy’s various components takes place around the globe, a UK-based plant creates the deodorant itself—the most important ingredient. Just like the outer casing, the deodorant is entirely plant-based.

Matt and co-founder Eddie Fisher both come from advertising and branding backgrounds, and they noticed a common pattern with many big brands that claimed to be sustainable. The Fussy founders realized that most of these products merely looked sustainable.

Inspired to create a more impactful product, the Fussy team then built upon years of experience in areas like design, cosmetics, and advertising. In the past, Matt has created soap and rice wine companies, while other team members have experience with cosmetics and design.

Kickstarter has been a considerable source of funding for Fussy; as of this writing they have raised well over $100,000. Matt states that he plans to use Kickstarter as proof of funding for future investors. While Fussy is open to funding, they also want to stay true to their brand values.

One of the key growth drivers for Fussy is its subscription-based business model. The business receives a reliable revenue stream from customers who subscribe to receive a steady supply of deodorant refills. This system also promotes a strong sense of brand loyalty. With the rise of Covid-19, more consumers are turning to online subscription-based services.

This subscription-based business plan also has the potential to increase profit margins in the future. Fussy plans to reduce the costs of its deodorant after the company scales its business, making it more affordable for a wider range of potential customers. Fussy has pending design patents for its refillable deodorant design.

Fussy is now available for pre-order, and the first customers will try out the start-ups new refillable deodorant in January. That being said, Fussy has already made an important impact in another way. With each purchase, customers contribute to the removal of plastic waste from our oceans. To date, Fussy pre-orders have facilitated the removal of over two tons of ocean-bound plastic.

“Our bigger ambition is to instill in people the idea that being ‘fussy’ is not such a bad thing,” says Matt Kennedy. “Choosing where you spend your money—being slightly more picky with the products you buy and the brands you support—is going to have a better effect for everyone.”

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